FMWhatsApp v9.8 – APK Download for Android 2024

Looking for something extra from your WhatsApp messenger? Try out the latest version of FMWhatsApp WhatsApp official 2023FM WhatsApp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp messenger with some advanced features to let you enjoy chatting through WhatsApp even more. Download and install this latest version on your Android device to enjoy all its features. 

As the 2017 estimate already foretold, the popularity of WhatsApp till this date, and the app has become one of the most popularly used apps today; the users felt the need to introduce something new. The result is the development of a wide variety of mods and knock-off apps, and FMWhatsApp is among those. 

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FM WhatsApp APK

What is FMWhatsApp?

The urge of people to enjoy some additional features triggers them to look up to FM WhatsApp download. It also allows sending messages, making calls, and sending files to each other through chat, just like the official version of the app. 

What makes FM WhatsApp most wanted among people is that it offers features that are lacking in the original app. Options like customization of interface and chat screen, watching your friend’s deleted stories, going incognito, and much more distinguished from the app’s official version. 

Note: The fact that downloading and using the modified version of WhatsApp can ban you from the original app, but you don’t need to worry as we have the solution. We share anti-ban APK download links on our Web page, using which you can download FM WhatsApp APK on any of your smart devices without ever getting banned from the original app.  

 Download FM WhatsApp APK latest version 2023. Here is the list of the latest App versions you can download and use on your smart device.

FM WhatsApp APK Download For Android

App NameFMWhatsApp
Current Versionv9.8
Size64.6 MB
Updated Date1 Day Ago

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FM WhatsApp Latest Version Features

  • It is anti-ban.
  • It allows you to hide your blue tick, typing, and recording action. 
  • It offers you to freeze your last seen. 
  • It also offers you to remove forwarded tags.

FMWhatsApp Detailed Features

While many apps and games entertain the APK version, WhatsApp is no different from them. The increasing demand for people to enjoy some additional features started the business of developing the WhatsApp third-party. Thus, these mods offer some advanced and entertaining features that the original WhatsApp messenger doesn’t offer. So why not get FM WhatsApp? 

Following is the list of features that FM WhatsApp comes with. Going through the features’ description will let you decide if you want to go for this mod or not. 

You can Freeze Your Last Seen 

Privacy concerns most people today; no one wants others to check their account’s each minute activity. So, what to do? The original app lets you hide your last seen message and lets you be comfortable in your privacy.

So what’s new in FM WhatsApp? Well! Like the original app, this last seen message hide option is also available in FM WhatsApp, but the interesting thing about this mod is that you can still see other last seen.

While WhatsApp allows you to hide your last seen, it prevents you from seeing other people’s last seen. But this is not the case with FM WhatsApp; it lets you stalk your friend’s activities even when you’ve hidden yours from them. 

So hiding you’re last seen from prying eyes is a plus when you can still see your contact’s last seen. 

Hide view status in FMWhatsApp

We understand how it feels to get ghosted but still have the urge to keep an eye on your friend’s activities. While you can ghost up your activities, you never want to miss out on what your contacts are up to, right? This is where FM WhatsApp plays its role. 

FM WhatsApp lets you hide your view status and enjoy watching the stories of someone you’re ghosting. The amazing thing is, your friend will never know you’ve watched the story. 

Hide delivered and blue ticks

If you never want to make someone angry or hurt by not replying to their messages even after seeing them, enabling this feature will help you. 

Sometimes you are too busy to reply to someone’s messages and accidentally leave the message on seen. Or, when you are not ready to reply to someone with a perfect answer, your left-off seen message can turn up things differently and somewhat more difficult than you’ve ever expected. 

Enable the Hide Blue Tick option, so your friends and family won’t know you’ve seen their messages. Meanwhile, you can come up with an amazing answer or have your work done without worrying about replying to others immediately. 

Hide typing and recording action text

It’s better not to look confused while replying to a message than to take time to give your perfect shot. 

When you’ve seen a message in your chat and are confused about responding to that text, you never want other people to know your mental state. It isn’t very comfortable when you realize that WhatsApp messenger has been delivering a message to the other side that you’ve been trying for a long time. With FM WhatsApp, you can get rid of this embarrassment. 

The mod allows you to hide your typing or recoding option and gives you ample time to come up with a reply of your choice. It never pressures you over the time you take to send a reply until you are satisfied. 

Message a number without saving any contact

Saving each random number on your phone might be irritating. Sometimes you have to make certain transactions, exchange words, or interact for a bit, but that doesn’t mean their number needs to stick around with you in your contacts.

FM WhatsApp allows you to enjoy all the above things without ever asking you to save the number in your contact list. Having this option in your messaging app saves you from the hassle of deleting the number later on. So, if you’re the kind of person who manages an online business or avoids interactions with everyone on a personal level, the feature is perfect for you. 

Disable forwarded tag on messages

FM WhatsApp allows you to forward amazing quotes, phrases, and exciting content without letting the other person know it is a forward message. While the original app version doesn’t let you do that, you can enjoy the option in FM WhatsApp. 

Choose who can call you. 

Getting unexpected calls from everyone on your contact list is annoying sometimes, especially when you have your important work done. FM WhatsApp comes with a solution for this problem.

With this mod, you can choose who can call you on your contact list. This is a perfect feature for those who don’t want to get on calls for some reason or are often busy doing their work and don’t have time to interact much with everyone on their contact list. 

Anti-Delete status and messages:

We know it’s a bit creepy, but FM WhatsApp lets you peep into other person’s stories and statuses even if they’ve removed them already. 

It also allows you to see the text message that the other person has deleted in your chat. 


Among all these features above, the best one is probably this. FM WhatsApp has the solution if you want to enjoy customizing your chatbox and the Main screen by adding colors, images, themes, wallpaper, fonts, interface, and whatsoever. 

It comes with various customization options and allows you to create a messaging app of your choice. And the impressive thing is that you can enjoy all this without any charges; it’s free for the users! 

If you want to change WhatsApp colors and themes, hide last seen, save status without letting the other person know about it, and enjoy the call blocker option, check out Fouad WhatsApp. You can visit and enjoy using your favorite mod right now. 

Want a virus-free version of FM WhatsApp? You can go through our Web page and download it directly from there. We have put in some versions on our page after trying and testing them from malware and anti-ban.

However, if you are still worried about getting banned from the original app, you can try using the mod from a secondary number, enjoy its features, and then hit up your final decision. 

Note: The amazing thing about FM WhatsApp is that you can download it on any version of Android devices. The list of android brands includes Realme, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Mi, and many other Android manufacturers that can use this FM WhatsApp APK. 

Most developers head towards developing news Mods because most people cannot enjoy official WhatsApp features and want to add something extra to their messaging experience.

These different mods let them enjoy advanced features, but the users can share their WhatsApp mods with their family and friends and spread them even faster.  

Fouad WhatsApp Vs. FM Whatsapp: What’s the Difference? 

FMWhatsApp is a new and advanced version of the original WhatsApp messenger app. These mods have developed beside the original app because the latter lacks some of the features that users desperately want.

So what’s the difference between Fouad WhatsApp and APK of FM WhatsApp? Well! You’ll find there is no obvious difference between the two apps; the features of both apps are similar. However, the only difference lies in the blue buttons. 

Download and Install FM WhatsApp APK on Android

Well! You would not want to lose your chats while downloading the new ones, right? If so, we highly recommend you backup your messages and media files. We suggest this because when you uninstall the app, all your data will be erased, and if you haven’t backed up your data already, you might lose your files permanently. 

Ready to download and install mods on your phone? Here are the steps to follow;

  1. Ensure to make a backup of your files before you uninstall the official version of WhatsApp. Below are some steps to guide you on how to back up your files; 
  2. Tap the Menu bar on WhatsApp 
  3. Click on Settings and Tap on Chats, then on Backup Chats. 
  4. Click on the Backup button, and everything will be saved on your cloud storage. 
  • Before you install the app, ensure to enable “Unkown Sources.” You can enable this option in your Settings by tapping on the Security option. 
  1. To install the app, visit your File Manager or Downloads folder on your mobile phone and search for the app. 
  2. After you’ve found the app, follow these steps;
  • Click on the file, and then click on the Install button. 
  • Once installed, click Open; this will launch the app. 
  • Click the Done button to finish the installation. 
  • Open the app. 
  • Once the app is launched, click on Agree and Continue. 
  • Add up your mobile phone number. 
  • Click on Copy WhatsApp Data. 
  • Click on the Restore button. 
  • This will let you enjoy the Fouad mods option that you will find in the Menu.


How is FM WhatsApp different from official WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is just the latest and updated version of the original WhatsApp but has some additional features which the latter lacks. It was developed for people who enjoy more features than the original app.

Is FM WhatsApp any good to download?

FM WhatsApp provides the users with advanced features and options that the original app doesn’t have. It is a great mod for users who desire to get something extra from their WhatsApp messaging app.

What is the best place to download FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is not the official app version because you will not find it on your device’s official app distribution service. However, several links are available on the internet that you can use to download FM WhatsApp.

Can we use WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp together?

Yes, you can use both apps together on a single device as they are different versions of the app. However, you’ll need to use different numbers on both apps.

Is FMWhatsApp compatible with IOS?

Fouad WhatsApp is not compatible with IOS and is only compatible with Android.


It’s quite natural how you get bored of an app you’ve been using for years. Using WhatsApp mods is an interesting way of enjoying a twist in your messaging app. 

These WhatsApp mods never cut you off from your original app version; you can return to it whenever you feel the need to do so. However, these mods give you a lot of features to enjoy and make your messaging fun and entertaining. 

Nevertheless, even when these mods are interesting to use, they are not free of risks. Taking care of not being blocked by WhatsApp is the thing you need to care about the most. But using these mods is never a regretful decision.

If you are ready to risk your mods to enjoy your messaging experience, download them now and get started. You can share these mods with family and friends to spread them faster and enjoy the same features of the app with them. 

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