GB Instagram APK Download Latest Version 2024 (GBINSTA)

If you want GB Instagram APK Download, then the APK file is available on this page free of cost to download and install on your android device. You can download the APK file from the given button below. There is a complete guide to download the GB Instagram APP; you can download Instagram Stories, Photos and Videos after downloading GB Instagram.

Instagram is a popular social app to share photos, videos, and stories. The owner company of this app is Facebook. Moreover, it is not possible to download pictures, videos, and stories from the Instagram official app. But many people want to download videos, photos, and stories from this social app.

Many developers have worked on this wish of people to download photos, videos, and stories. For this purpose, the developers have launched the GB Instagram on private servers with some modifications.  So, you can download videos, stories, and photos from Instagram if you have GB INSTA APP installed on your device. So, GB Instagram is a modified version of official Instagram with the same license.

Some extra features motivate you to download and install this mod instead of the official app. Moreover, you can download videos, photos, and stories, copy comments and descriptions, change themes, translate comments, play audio with video automatically, share URLs of videos and photos, zoom in/out pictures, etc. I hope you will enjoy all these features of GB Instagram APP.

Have you decided to Download GB Instagram APK?

That’s a great decision! There is a complete guide, in the below sections, for GB Instagram APK Download on your Android device. Stay with me!

How to Download and Install GB Instagram?

There is a complete procedure to download the APK file. Let’s talk about the process with step by step guide for GB Instagram APK Download.

GB Instagram APK

Version Info

App NameGBInsta
Android Version5.3 or Above
Latest Version4.0+
Total Downloads4,000,000+
App Size38.9 MB
Version Namev7.0
Main PurposeDownload videos, stories, and photos


  • First of all, you should ensure enough storage space in your smartphone to download GB Instagram APP.
  • Allow Unknown Resources from the Settings Tab.
  • At the time of installing, it will ask for some permissions to access your device resources. You have to Allow Access to all resources.
  • There is no need to root your android device because this app will work as regular apps.

How to Download GB Instagram APK? 

After fulfilling all the requirements, you are ready GB Instagram APK Download on your device. Let’s talk about some steps to download it:

  • First of all, click on the Given Button:
  • Click on the Blue Button on New Page.
  • Downloading will start automatically.
  • Wait for some moments to complete the downloading.
  • After some moments you will receive a notification that you have installed successfully.

How to Install GBINSTA APK?

After GB Instagram APK Download, you can install this mod on your Android device. There are some more steps to install APK successfully:

  • Open the Folder where you have stored APK file in your device at the time of downloading.
  • Tap on the APK file.
  • It will ask for some permissions, to access the resources of your device, before installing the APK.
  • The installing process will start automatically.
  • Again, wait for some moments.
  • After the successful installing, you can launch the app to create or login your account.

If there is any problem in the downloading or installing process, you should write a comment below to get a suitable solution to your question.


Many features in this app will motivate you to use this app instead of the official app. I have discussed the complete guide for GB Instagram APK Download. Now, let me explain these exciting features of GB Instagram APP.

Download Instagram Videos: You can download videos from Instagram if you have GB Instagram APP installed in your smartphone. Many people were asking for a method to Download Instagram Videos so, I have decided to solve their issue.

  • After GB INSTA APK Download, you have to login in your account.
  • Click on the three dots available on top right side of the video.
  • Select the GB Options. Click on the Download Video.

Moreover, it is the best mod of Instagram because there is no need to download any third-party app to Download Instagram Videos.

Download Instagram Stories: You can download Instagram stories easily if you have GB Instagram APP. As you know, people can set accounts on Instagram and the followers of the story uploader can see the stories but cannot download in the official app. GB Instagram APP provides this facility to download stories free of cost without downloading any third-party app.

Download Instagram Photos: Everyone can download Instagram Photos with GB Instagram APP. And everyone knows that Instagram is a popular social app to share photos. Everyone can see the photos in the official app but cannot download or save these photos on their devices. If you want to download photos then you have to Download GB Instagram.

Copy Comments: You can copy comments from any post if you have GB Instagram APK. Users of Instagram upload photos, videos, and stories on Instagram. Every follower can write comments on any post. In official Instagram, you cannot copy comments from the posts, but if you want to download comments, then you should Download GB Instagram.

Copy Description: Every user of Instagram has written the description in its account. You can copy the description of any user of Instagram by using GB Instagram. So, if you are not able to write your description then you can copy a description of other users and modify it to upload as your description.

Zoom in/out Photos: You can see photos on the GB Instagram APP by zooming in/out. However, this facility is not available on the official Instagram. So, you should use the GBINSTA APP if you want to zoom photos.

Translate Comments: It is straightforward to translate comments in your desired language if you are using this mod. Many people from different sides of the world write comments in their language on various posts. So, it is not possible for everyone to understand the comments of all languages. To facilitate you, GB Instagram APP allows you to translate comments.

Share URLs of Videos and Photos: Tap on three dots on the top right side of photo or video and then select the GB Options to share links of that video or photo. You can share these links anywhere you want like WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media apps.

GB Instagram Themes: There are many themes available to change the look of conversation. However, this facility of changing themes is not available on official Instagram. People can get bored with the same theme. So, GBInsta is more attractive for the users as compared to the official Instagram.

No Root Required: There is no need to root your android device if you want to install GB Instagram APK on your android device. Usually, the mods of different apps required to root the device before installing. But there is no need to root your device because this app behaves like an official app.

Easy to Use: As I told, there are some extra features in this mod as compared to the official app. To use these additional features, you have to use GB Options. So, there is nothing harsh to use GB Options. Everything is easy to use in this app.

Play Audio with Video Automatically: The audio will play automatically with the video. However, in the official app, the sound of the video does not play automatically, but you have to switch on the sound.

Notification Count Like Facebook: You can see the notification counter on the top like the Facebook notification counter. So, you will be aware of the number of notifications.

See Stories Secretly: You can see the story of any person secretly. It means that the uploader or publisher of account will not be able to see you as a viewer of the story. In official Instagram, the publisher can see all viewers of the story. So, you want to hide then it is possible in GB INSTA APP.

Secure: Some people think that GB Instagram is not safe, but they are wrong because I am using this mod for a long time and never faced any security or privacy issue. It has the same license as the official app. So, there is no logical reason to occur any safety or privacy issue.

Works Same as Official Instagram with Extra Features: As I told, the GB Instagram APP has the same license as the official Instagram. It works the same as the official Instagram with extra features. So, you will not face any issue in the use of this app.


If you have any questions in your mind related to GB Instagram APK Download, then you can get the answer from given Q/A section.

Final Verdict

GB Instagram APK Download was the topic of discussion in the above sessions. I have provided the APK file and a complete guide to download the APK file. Moreover, there are many exciting features like download stories, videos, and photos with one click. You don’t need to root your android device to install this mod of Instagram.

Do You Have Any Question?

If you have any problem in downloading or installing this app, you can write a comment below. I will reply to you as soon as possible to solve your issue.


I have discussed the details of GB Instagram APK Download for informative and educational purposes to aware people about the latest progress in the market of apps. I want to aware people about hacks or copies of different apps, so, users should know that either they are using an official app or mod of the app. If someone uses this mod for illegal purposes, InstaMods will not be responsible for it.

Keep visiting for more updates related to GB Instagram APP. Thanks!

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