OG WhatsApp Pro APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2024

Like many other WhatsApp mods, OGWhatsApp pro is another one that comes to provide you with a lot of intimidating features. It gives all of its users a minimalist, simple, and free messaging service with zero compromises on maintaining its high security and functionality.

This WhatsApp mod is for all those users who want to enjoy increased privacy and customization settings. The developers have added some advanced and attractive features in this mod to help people secure what they want to keep private.


Its advanced privacy features allow the users to manage their content, send messages or call them and see their details on this messaging app. It’s a great alternative to the original WhatsApp that needs no introduction. It has been a popular app with 500 million daily active users for years.

So, why are mods developed despite this much popularity of WhatsApp? The reason probably is the lack of some features in the original WhatsApp that arises the need for having an advanced and featured-pack messaging app. This mod is one of such which provides the users with all the features present in the original app and some additional as well.  

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What is OG WhatsApp Pro? 

OG WhatsApp Pro is a modified version of the original WhatsApp messaging app and gives its users more secure, functional, and simple messaging services, unlike the original app. The reason for developing this mod was the addition of some extra features that the users can use and enjoy, like security features and additional privacy.

These increased privacy and security functions allow you to choose who can see your status, profile picture, and message or call you. Many others let you have complete control over this mod among these features.

It is, therefore, one of the most reliable and authentic apps that people download and use. Additionally, the developers have ensured to add other advanced features in the Latest APK OG WhatsApp. OG WhatsApp is an excellent alternative to the original WA messaging app with its elements of hiding online status and erasing sent messages.

OGWhatsApp Pro APK Developers

The original OGWA version was initially introduced in 2013 by Team XDA. It is a modified version of WhatsApp and has almost similar features to the original app, but it also got some additional advanced features. If you are interested in the OG WhatsApp APK download version, click the Download button below.

Another developer of this mod is the Team AlexMods which released their version of OG WhatsApp. This version of OG WhatsApp comes in a zip file, and it demands the user to extract the APK file from this zip, allowing the version to start downloading.

However, you need to ensure that you get a device that fulfills all the minimum requirements necessary to download the OGWA. This is because, at some mobile versions, the AlexMods mod version might not work as it shows and the error text showing “app is not working” while you start the downloading process.

App NameOGWhatsApp Pro
Size55.4 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0.3 and up
Last Update1 day ago

XDA OGWhatsApp Latest Version Features

The features of the XDA OGWA version are as follows; 

  1. It is Anti-ban and Base Updated
  2. It comes with an extensive list of custom themes that you can use to customize your messaging app according to your choice. 
  3. It comes with a Block option that allows you to block the contact you want, never to contact you back. 
  4. Unlike the other original app, it also allows you to call any number without ever saving the number. 

OGWhatsApp APK Download by AlexMods

This WhatsApp mod was released right after the XDA OGWA version and has many features. However, there are fewer users for this mod due to some errors. Nevertheless, if you want to download the link to the zip file of the OG WhatsApp APK, you can get it here.

OGWhatsApp Latest Version Features

Following are some of the features that the latest OG WA version has;

  1. It comes with an Updated Bade, so you don’t have to update it before using it, even for the first time.
  2. Also, it comes with all the bugs already fixed, so it won’t trouble you while you use the app.
  3. With its custom themes, you can set your WhatsApp mod just the way you want it.
  4. Lastly, it allows you to hide privacy terms you don’t want to disclose.

However, before you download the APK file version, you need to ensure that your device supports all the minimum requirements necessary to download the file. Without your device meeting the requirements, you cannot download this APK file version and enjoy the features it brings for you. 

What are those requirements? These requirements are simple like you need to ensure that your device has the latest android operating system and has ample storage space to process the app data. 

OG WA is the most reliable mod for its users, and you can click on this below-given button saying, “Download OG WhatsApp APK.” This is the safest and secure link that we are providing to you as we understand your concerns for your security. 

Installation Guide

Still, wondering how to install the mod? Here we are with the help. To install the latest OG WhatsApp APK version, you need to follow these below-given simple steps; 

  1. Download the APK file. 
  2. Locate your APK file in the Downloads folder or where you’ve saved it. 
  3. Open the downloaded app. 
  4. It will initiate the installation process automatically, and it might take a few seconds. 
  5. After the app has been installed, open the mod and explore the features to enjoy them one by one. 


OG WhatsApp comes with a lot of advanced customization and Privacy features. But to make it simple to understand all its features, we have prepared a detailed description for each of its features. It will help you get to know the mod even better and finalize your decision about downloading this mod.

Anti-Ban APK 

For the past few years, people have been worrying about getting banned from WhatsApp Inc. to use the modified version. The mods were not free from such risks, and they might get the users banned from the original app.

However, with the development of the Anti-Ban APK, the risk is eliminated. Thus, this latest mod version is wholly reliable and saved your account from getting banned from the app. This is because it comes with an anti-ban APK addition.

Making Calls to Non-Saved Numbers 

The original WhatsApp never lets you contact the people whose numbers are not saved with you. However, this is not the case with this mod. OG WhatsApp allows you to call your one-time contact without ever asking you to keep their contact. 

Message Scheduler 

This is a fantastic feature that has been added to this updated version of OG WhatsApp. The built-in message scheduler helps you reply to people who are too busy to reply to the messages and can’t go online. This message scheduler reminds you to send the message at a later time. 

Long-Tail Group Name 

WhatsApp has been popular also because of its group messaging feature. However, it doesn’t allow you to set up the group name too long. But, with OG WhatsApp, you can set your desired group on the messenger as long up to 35 characters, which are only 25 characters in the original app. 

Status Download Feature 

While the original WhatsApp only allows you to view the story and status of your contacts and doesn’t allow you to download it. However, this is not the case with this latest APK version. Now you can view the status and stories, and it also allows you to download the ones you like the most. 

OG WhatsApp pro comes with an advanced status downloading feature that lets you save and keep those memories forever. 

Copy Status Feature

In OG WhatsApp, you can copy anybody’s status on your clipboard and paste it wherever you want. The original WhatsApp doesn’t provide you with this feature. This is how this OG WhatsApp is different from the original WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp Locker

Moreover, this OG WhatsApp comes with a built-in locker that lets you protect your messages from others. If you’ve set up this locker to protect your messages and other WhatsApp data, nobody can sneak into your privacy. 

To this date, no other developer has developed a stand-alone locker for WhatsApp but only the OG WhatsApp developers. Knowing the importance of your privacy t you, it has introduced this feature. 

Block Specific Contact’s Call

OG WhatsApp saves you from many troubles. It allows you to block any specific contact without ever letting them know you’ve blocked them. 

Send Up to 90 Images at a Time 

WhatsApp lets you share good quality images with your contacts, a fantastic feature of this app that distinguishes it from other apps. However, it limits you to sending only 10 images at a time. But OG WhatsApp Pro brings forth better advantages. 

Using this WhatsApp mod, you can share up to 70 images at one time. So, with OG WA, you don’t need to follow the repetitive process of selecting minimum photos to share with your contacts. 

Lengthy Written Status 

The official WhatsApp allows you to write only 130 characters for the written status, but the OG WhatsApp has increased the character limit to 250. So, now you can use more words and long phrases in your written status. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 


OG WhatsApp Pro is one of the most advanced and newest versions of WhatsApp mods and has the most amazing features to enjoy. Its customization and privacy features are two of the popular characteristics that distinguish it from other mods and the original WhatsApp version. You can also explore more of its features by downloading and installing it directly onto your android device.

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