WhatsApp Plus APK Download (Official Latest Version) 2024

Not surprisingly enough, WhatsApp is the app that every smartphone user has. It is one of the most popular and easy-to-use messaging apps that allows the users to chat, voice and video call, and other unique features. This is why most APKs and WhatsApp mods like WhatsApp Plus, Yo WhatsApp, and others are now on the list for competition. 

Here we will discuss the WhatsApp Plus Download Latest version and get the most out of it, some tips and tricks. However, before that, if you are interested in other WhatsApp mods for a memorable messaging experience, visit WAMODS and get it. 

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What is WhatsApp Plus? 

WhatsApp Plus, also known as GB WhatsApp, is a new and popular APK version of WhatsApp with additional features. It is used by millions of people who are bored of the same limited features of the original app. WhatsApp Plus comes with great customization features to help you get the most out of your messaging app. It lets you enjoy your daily interaction with family and friends with extensive and varying expressions with additional features. 

Besides the fact that WhatsApp Plus allows you to use multiple accounts, it also lets you hide your status and blue ticks whenever you feel the need. You can share these customizations and high-quality image-downloading options with friends and family. You can also hide your writing status.

So, there’s much more to this WhatsApp mod that you can enjoy leaving behind the impression that the original WhatsApp has placed on you. 

Note: WhatsApp Plus APK is one of the advanced and modified versions of the original app. It lets the users enjoy their interacting with friends and family. The best thing about this mod is that it doesn’t get you banned from the original app. Here, you will also find the shared anti-ban WhatsApp Plus download links that you use to get this mod to avoid getting banned from the original app. 

WhatsApp Plus Developers 

The developer of this APK is Rafalete, who introduced it in 2012. It contained many fascinating features that made it the most popular mod for WhatsApp. This mod got a million downloads within a year, and its popularity hit the sky. 

However, besides Rafalete, there are two more WhatsApp Plus APK who developed their version of this mod. HeyMods also created this mod; however, the only difference between the app version and the Rafalete version is that it takes a bit more space in your phone due to some additional resources. These are needed to install the mod. 

Lastly, AlexMods is another developer who created this WhatsApp Plus APK. Not only this, but the team has created 4 other mods besides the WhatsApp Plus. The thing about the APK mod is that all of its mods are present in a single zip file which you need to download. After downloading, you need to extract the required file and install the APK. However, the only downside of this mod is that it doesn’t work on all types of devices. 

Among all the WhatsApp mods, the Rafalete version of WhatsApp Plus 2022latest version is the best one to offer many features, easy download, and fantastic user experience. Below are some links that will help you download this mod easily on your smartphone.

App NameWhatsApp Plus APK
VersionLatest Version
Size52.8 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up
Last updated1 day ago

Note: The advantage of WhatsApp Plus is that you can download it on all android devices. For instance, you can easily download this mod on various android smartphone brands like Mi, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Samsung, and many others. 

Latest WhatsApp Plus version (updated) – Features

WhatsApp Plus comes with various intimidating features that take your messaging experience to another level of fun and entertainment. Following are some of the features that we’ve found in this mod

  1. This mod is Base Updated.
  2. It is anti-ban; it never gets you banned from the original app.
  3. While having this mod on your smartphone, you can easily participate in groups. 
  4. It has an extensive range of emojis to make your interaction with friends and family fun and exciting. 
  5. It came with updated option settings and revised notify bar icons. 
  6. Interestingly, it also has new settings and a changelog design that is perfectly easy to use. 

All these features help you get the most out of this mod, and you’re surely going to enjoy whatever it has in store for you. 

WhatsApp Plus Download by HeyMods

HeyMods is one of the famous WhatsApp mods developers that introduces advanced features in all of them. Some of the common features in the mods developed by HeyMods include Personal Preference Themes for Chat, hundreds of themes to select for video call effect, color phone themes with a variety of cool and animated dynamic effects, custom settings, privacy and security options, and Theme Store to download hundreds of additional themes of your choice. 

So, just like many other WhatsApp mods, HeyMods has recently developed WhatsApp Plus for their users, with all the features mentioned above and much more. It is a fantastic mod that lets you enjoy your interaction with friends and family via calls or messages. 

If you want to get this featured-pack mod version for your android device, the following link will help you; 

However, before starting the installation process, ensure that you’ve downloaded ad installed some additional resources needed by the mod. Without these resources, your device will not support this version, and you won’t use this mod. 

HeyMods WhatsApp Plus Version (updated) – Features

Following are some features of WhatsApp Plus mod by HeyMods; 

  1. It is base updated
  2. It comes with many DIY themes that you can create and use on your own. 
  3. It allows you to hide privacy terms and chats options. 
  4. You can also change blue tick colors from the settings. 
  5. This mod by HeyMods also allows you to hide the story views. 

WhatsApp Plus APK Download by AlexMods:

Besides HeyMods, AlexMods is another developer of WhatsApp Plus; however, they released their version in zip format. If you want the HeyMods version of WhatsApp Plus, you will have to download the available zip file after clicking on the link, extract the needed file, and start the installation process. 

However, you need to make sure that your device allows the unknown sources to get downloaded because without this, you’ll not be able to download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus. Following is the link you can use to get the WhatsApp Plus AlexMods. 

AlexMods WhatsApp Plus Version (updated) – Features

Like any other developer of WhatsApp Plus, AlexMods have also added some fantastic features in the mod. Here is a brief list of features that AlexMods have added in it; 

  1. WhatsApp Plus comes with an option of both light and dark themes that you can use according to your choice. 
  2. It comes Base Updated, so you will not find any trouble using it.
  3. It has an enormous amount of animated emojis available that you can use to add expressions to your words. 
  4. Not only emojis, but the mod also has attractive stickers that you can use in your text messages. 
  5. It lets you hide the blue tick, so others won’t know if you’ve read their message. This gives you ample time to reply without letting the other person know that you’ve already read their message. 
  6. You can also change the background color and theme of your chat and home screen according to your choice. 

WhatsApp Plus APK Previous Version Download

Before downloading WhatsApp Plus for your mobile phone, know that only the newer mod version is compatible with, the more recent mobile phone version, so if you own an older mobile version, consider downloading the mods from the links below;

Download WhatsApp Plus APK Older Versions

WhatsApp Versions

With the increasing interest in developing the latest mod versions, it is difficult to determine which version is the latest; either it is 3.17 or 5.60. Anyways, to help you out in this regard, we’ve come up with a mod version that you can easily download to your smartphones-also to your iPhone, to enjoy its most compelling features. 

WhatsApp Plus features’ overview

Below is a brief list of features of the mod that you can use to customize the development of the original software; 

  1. You can customize the wallpaper, interface, and fonts to your ideas.
  2. You can send large audio and video files through this mod to your contacts. 
  3. You can also send or download photos without disrupting their original quality. 
  4. It has Quick Share functions that you can use to save time. 
  5. With its Partial copy and paste option, you can select the text you want to copy and then send it directly to the contact by pasting it in the conversation box. 
  6. You can also hide your profile picture. 
  7. It allows you to enjoy the installation of various topics. 
  8. Lastly, you can directly check the chat screen’s status message and connection times. 

WhatsApp Plus: a detailed list of features

Don’t worry; we’ll not leave you with a brief description of mod features; here is a detailed explanation of features that will help take your final decision about the mod. We suggest you go through these features to figure out what this WhatsApp Plus can do for you! 


Following are some privacy features that WhatsApp Plus brings forth for you 

  • You can use WhatsApp Plus settings to hide your online status and view status. 
  • You can hide your blue tick so the other person couldn’t know if you’ve seen their message. 
  • You can also hide your writing status, so the other person couldn’t know if you are taking more time in replying. 
  • You can also hide the blue microphone and hide the recording option. 
  • Lastly, you can enable or disable the anti-revoke option. 

Plus settings

  • In WhatsApp Plus, you can get your sticker packs and wallpapers downloaded from GB PLUS. 
  • It comes with a stickers maker. 
  • It has a cleaner to clean up the space for the mod to function efficiently. 
  • It comes with an auto-reply feature. 
  • You can get a lot of themes and fonts of your choice.
  • You can customize your chat and conversation screen as you want. 
  • You can share large video and audio files of 50 MB and 100 Mb, respectively, without any trouble. 
  • You can also share high-quality images with your contacts. And the best thing about image sharing is that the quality of the image doesn’t get distorted. 
  • You can also share video statuses longer than 30 seconds and up to 7 minutes. 
  • It comes with a lock feature that lets you Lock your WhatsApp Plus so no other person can sneak into your privacy. 
  • You can see logs and activities easily. 
  • Not only this, but you can also make a full backup of your important files and restore them in any version of WhatsApp Mod whenever you need them.

General settings

Below is the list of features within the general settings option that you can use according to your choice; 

  1. You can restart the WhatsApp Plus 
  2. You can set the Message Scheduler 
  3. It comes with a DVD Mode 
  4. You can use custom chat options for Notifications, Privacy, and Media auto-download. 

Advantages of using WhatsApp Plus

There are many advantages of downloading WhatsApp Plus like; 

  1. You can hide your online status and stalk other people or browse through WhatsApp without other people knowing it. 
  2. You can hide blue ticks and writing status and take your time as much as you want- replying to the other person’s text message without letting them know that you’ve already seen their message. This will also keep you from the embarrassment of taking time to think and then reply. 
  3. You can hide your recording status. This feature is essential when you don’t know what to reply with. 
  4. You can get an excellent sticker pack that is trending and add fun and excitement to your messaging experience.
  5. WhatsApp Plus’s Cleaner keeps your smartphone free from any old chats and other irrelevant files that are taking up too much space there. 
  6. It comes with a complete set of wallpapers that you can use to customize your chat and home screen. 
  7. You can set the auto-reply within WhatsApp Plus to let the other person know you’re there without asking you to get out of your comfort zone and reply to every message that hits your screen. 
  8. WhatsApp Plus comes with fun and enjoyable new themes that you can install and use to better user experience. Not only do these themes add fun to your conversation, but they are there to add style and beauty to it. Interestingly enough, you can also select the theme’s color and choose between the feminine theme and Batman/ Superman theme, depending upon your choice for the traditional green color or dark color, respectively. 
  9. With its customization feature, you can also personalize the headers, the main screen, and the chat screen according to your choice. 
  10. This mod allows you to share as many video and audio files of your choice that are longer than 30 seconds and up 7 minutes, 50 MB, and 100MB, respectively. 
  11. If you want to record your activities, WhatsApp Plus has the option. While launching and exiting the mod, you can trace your history and log. 
  12. This WhatsApp mod has an extensive selection of fonts with fantastic shapes, forms, and sizes. 

Disadvantages of using WhatsApp Plus MOD

WhatsApp Plus is the modified version of the original app, and it comes with almost no disadvantages. However, using this mod can bring two penalties for you; 

  1. It can get malware or virus to your smartphone. 
  2. Using WhatsApp Plus can get your account banned from the original version. 

Nevertheless, to help you avoid these two risks, we provide you with a direct link that will get you the malware-free mod to use. Also, downloading this version provided by us is anti-ban. So you can use this mod through our links so that you won’t get any issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best way to download WhatsApp Plus? 

Visit the site’s WhatsApp Plus and click the download button. Downloading from this link will help you with the malware-free and anti-ban WhatsApp mod. The APK file will be immediately downloaded to your smartphone when you click on this link. 

What is the best way to install WhatsApp Plus? 

Installing WhatsApp Plus is relatively easy; you need to go to your phone’s settings, tap on security and enable “unknown sources.” Download the APK file and then click on install. After the app is installed, you can use it easily. 

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe to use? 

The only downside to using WhatsApp Plus mod is that if the original app developers find you using these modes, you’ll get blocked from using the app. However, besides this, there’s no issue and risk factor involved in using this mod; you are forever protected from malware and adware. 


WhatsApp Plus is the same as the original app. It also has a similar installing process; however, the only difference is that the former required third-party sources to get installed. To get this mod, you need to enable the “unknown sources” from the settings on your device and then start the downloading process. 

Using this mod doesn’t introduce any issue; however, if you face any, consider checking the versions of your phone and the app you are using. The latest mod version is for the newer and latest phone versions, and the older ones are compatible with, the older ones. However, to use this mod on your phone, you need to add your number, and all the features will be unlocked. 

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